Day -15: Catastrophic failure of the first degree

With just under two weeks left before the big launch from Goodwood, we’ve experienced a minor hiccup on the first test run. On the 10 mile journey to the MOT centre, our rusty chariot decided to spit its dummy out and break a leg. More in the literal meaning than the theatrical slang meaning. The nearside drive shaft snapped in two leaving us stuck on a zebra crossing on a ram-packed Bexhill seafront.

Many curious residents started crowding around our car, pointing and laughing at us whilst taking pictures of our disheartened faces. It was at this moment that we suddenly realised that we had no breakdown cover. What an oversight that was!

After a quick chat from a nice policeman (yes we were surprised they exist too), we were helped pushed off the zebra crossing and awaited collection from our knight in shining armour. Alas, Sean from Just Seventy Fives arrived half an hour later where he immediately laughed at us and reminded us that we hadn’t even made .001% of our journey before breaking down.

The assessment at HQ was grim. To get the paperweight going again we would need a new pair of drive shafts that are as rare as rocking horse shit and spare time, neither of which are plentiful.

Mongolia is looking quite far off at this point.