Day -11: Hastings pit stop event

We recently found out that another team from Hastings are equally as mad as us by taking on the Mongol Rally this year. As well as being mad, Team OMJ are also very generous and have organised a gathering in Hastings in which you’re all welcome to attend.

Hastings pit stop event

Team Adventure before Dementia will be leaving Goodwood just before midday and we’ll arrive at the Hastings pit stop at 1pm on our way to Dover. This is of course, very variable. We’re not even sure if we’ll make it to Goodwood at this rate, let alone Mongolia.

Hastings pit stop event

There will be free fish and chips, a local paper taking photos of the foolhardy lunatics and their horseless carriages and possibly a TV crew if all goes to plan. But Mongol Rally teams and plans are polar opposites. They contradict each other like an honest politician or the French resistance, so who knows what will happen?

Keep informed on the Facebook event page.