Day -5: Thanksgiving

We’re very grateful to a bunch of businesses who have supported us on our fundraising campaign and our additional quest to find out the true taste of fermented yak’s milk. Thanksgiving normally falls in late November in the US, but we’re keen to display our appreciation straightaway. Also, we’re English and don’t celebrate thanksgiving nor care about it


Based in Eastbourne, Professional Insurance Agents offer a wide range commercial insurance services to business of all sizes. They’ve selflessly sponsored us £100 of fuel money which should help get us to dover. Thanks Graham!

Jewson Ltd in Bexhill gave us some glorious wood. At first we made lightsabers like children, but then we used the wood to mount the roof rack and add a roll cage. Some two by four should prevent the aluminum frame from buckling under high pressure, right?

eAutomotive donated £250 to our Virgin Money Giving page which will go straight to our two chosen charities’ good causes. Their generous donation helped pushed our total over the £1000 mark. Luckily for us, it seems they missed they part about getting to set an embarrassing challenge for us to perform and film while we’re out on the road. If you read in the fine print you’ll find that the challenge must be declared no later than 24 hours after the donation was made. Sorry guys! If you’re reading this, how about a double or nothing bet? If you donate a further £750, we’ll promise to drive our shitmoble all the way back to the UK…in reverse. How does that sound?

Just Seventy Fives have been been helping us with final car preparations and helping to make sure it’s Mongol ready. Just Seventy Fives are a MG Rover tuning specialist based in Bexhill, East Sussex. As well as being a top mechanic, Sean has been giving us many helpful tips to increase our chances of survival and to prevent our likely deaths.


Dave from Dave’s Tyres in Bexhill have provided us with a set of discounted tyres which we’re thankful for. Apparently, the average number of punctures ralliers experience on the trip is 9. So four spares should be enough, right?

Our hosting partner, Firmswitch have been providing us free hosting for this very website since our crazy idea came into fruition late last year. With amazing support and 100% uptime, they have been nothing but exceptional. Thanks Craig!

DigitalBra are independent SEO experts from Sussex that has helped reduced’s bounce rate and increased our SEO juices. Our rankings are now pushed almost to the top of Google’s SERPs. It’s only slightly ironic that their site is down and they have no ranking in sight.

We’ve done some extensive research and apparently there are no Tescos in the Gobi Desert, so we thought it was best to take plenty of water and survival food with us. We’ve received some high energy dried meals from Expedition Foods, the world renowned experts in survival food. They’ve even written a post about us on their Facebook page. The Strawberry porridge they sent us should go nicely with fresh goat’s testicals.

Tesco Extra in Hollington supplied us some camping gear including two sleeping mats and a travel kettle vital for Aaron’s tea.

Halfords at Ravenside, Bexhill gave us some kit we needed for complying with the European road laws including a warning triangle, GB stickers and high vis jacket. Just Seventy Fives helped us out with breathalysers and a spare bulb set.

Ebe Deddie at B&Q Eastbourne kindly donated 2m of ultra secure chain and threw in some padlocks to stop any Turks pinching our fuel. Thanks Ebe!

Euro Car Parts in Eastbourne kindly sponsored us a brand new battery to power the bug’s vital mods and other luxurious extras.

Without their kind-hearted generosity, our mission to be the smallest car to attempt the Mongol Rally would be a non-starter. We’re sincerely grateful for everyone’s support. Many thanks guys!